Gargi Raj Royal Academy


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The academy is equipped with a rich collection of books and C Ds on all subjects. Annual and monthly educational magazines, journals, periodicals are also provided. Teachers and students have an open access to the library aided with computers with latest software’s.



TEACHING MATHODOLOGY The academy is well staffed with well paid teaching expertise, providing best of their knowledge and skills to explore the child’s mind-set to remove the enigma of education: as they are guided by---“educate all and care all”. Special attention is given to new, mid-term admission and weak students to augment their potential. The subjects are made simpler and easy to be comprehended by the students. Encouragement is being given for interactive learning with computer aided devices and techniques, slides presentation and field experiments. Creative writing, debates, quizzes, healthy discussions and inter- house competitions are held to bolster intellectual and creative skills. We maintain an optimum teacher-student ratio.


We maintain high standards of discipline and expect our students to be neatly dressed, complete and submit their assignments timely and refrain from slanderous language, slang and imbecile behavior.



A multifacilated cyber space is available for open access for all students with broad-band internet facility, abreast with the latest software’s: Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, Adobe Reader, Macromedia flash etc. Operating Systems including: M S-DOS, Window-98, Windows-XP, Windows-2000, LINUX, Languages including: Visual Basic, C, C++, Java. Networking including: LAN, MAN, WAN, OSI Reference model, Internet Protocols: TCP/IP etc; there by encouraging child an access to the current trends in the information technology. We have an inbuilt capacity of programs for all classes and on all subjects.



Transportation facility is available to students on payment of fixed monthly charge payable for twelve months. Transportation once availed shall not be discontinued.



The infrastructure is well equipped to commensurate with the needs of playgroup-section. Emphasis is laid on the ‘play-way’ method of learning. There by inculcating moral values through tales, picture stories and story books. Projector Presentation is also being used to watch stories, rhymes and to get the cognizance of our rich ancient heritage, culture and tradition. Soft toys, cartoon paintings are also available for fun and frolic.


Sprawling green playground with swings, see-saw, sliding rolls and merry-grounds. Table-tennis boards, nets, bats, balls, chess-boards, football and basket ball court along with cricket ground is provided.


We hold occasional health check up for the general well-being of the students. First-aids kits and fire extinguishers are also installed in every class room. Strict surveillance is maintained on personal hygiene and neatness of every student.


The academy offers ample time and space from the academic curriculum to enfold students’ aesthetic sense and creative skills for over all personality development. We have experts to guide them in the Indian classical dance, music, instruments. Special sessions are held for yoga and Meditation for their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.